Studio Dance Competition Adjudicator Certification

Studio dance competition pioneer and industry expert Jann Davis shares her knowledge in this virtual and online study-certification program! Complete this three-session course to become a better competition adjudicator by learning about critiquing technique, progressions, difficulty levels, choreography, and more from one of the best in the business!

In 1977, at a DMA #5 New England executive board meeting dance teachers were upset that members were advertising their studios were the first place winners in the Performing Arts Competition, yet their score was 76 as a group and others had scores of 92 and above for soloists.


Jann Davis suggested a score system based on a bell curve by creating the score system for her private once a year competition the AMERICAN DANCE INVITATIONAL. Jann called it the “adjudicated score system” now used globally by almost all studio dance competitions.


You are a dance educator-studio owner who cares about judging that is accurate, impartial, and consistent with your curriculum.


You are a studio dance professional industry leader time is now to expand your career.

We understand how important it is for you to have access to accurate adjudicating information as an individual competitions can depend on, to be versatile in all genres, keep up with trends, and adjudicate effectively.


The ON SITE course offers:

  • One three on site hour session

  • Thirty minute call from Jann prior to course acceptance

  • Online study tutorial

  • Adjudicator certification test

  • Certificate Of Completion

Classes begin August 1, 2020

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