Ms. Davis hopes this service for those interested in her correcting, editing, and assisting students who are applying to college in the near future with their common applications essay prompt, short-answer responses, and high school resumes presents an easy way to access the information for specifically needed information while supplementing the guidance offered by their school district. Ms.Davis offers the service to all Commonwealth of Massachusetts school districts, including the Town Of Canton students. One on one tutoring is available ONLY in MA for ELA and College Admission Essays. Please complete the form below if interested. Please DO NOT call/text, Ms. Davis contacts interested parties once a form is completed.

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College Application Information

Colleges are asking you to write a personal narrative for your essay to their college. How well you craft your response is what a college is looking for in deciding your application to become part of their community. This is the most popular prompt choice:


Discuss an accomplishment, event, or realization that sparked a period of personal growth and a new understanding of yourself or others.



  • What is the prompt asking?

  • What voice should use first or third person?

  • Are you familiar with the five by five by three format for writing an essay?

  • Can you pick out the three topics for each paragraph you will be writing?

  • How should you craft your topic sentence?

  • How should your topic sentence be reflected in the conclusion of your essay?


Please refer to the link below for the current application essay prompts and samples

How Can I Help You?


As an English teacher at Mashpee High School, I corrected multiple MCAS essays written by students. I was selected by our principal to be part of a new course called SENIOR PROJECT, which was a two-year program for ALL junior and seniors, a requirement in order for them to graduate. I used the above format to assist the students assigned to me as an extension of their MCAS long form essays.


If you choose me to correct your first draft of your college application essay, it is two parts.


Email me your essay as a Microsoft document or a Google document, attached to the email. I am familiar with both. Email address is:


A payment of $6.00 must be made to me prior to correction:


Your essay will be corrected within 24 hours and returned to you with corrections and suggestions as a pdf file.

Virtual Tutoring

I Am Available


Virtual tutoring is available via zoom on this site. Zoom tutoring can be one on one or as a group. Affordable hourly rates are available upon request. Each session is 60 minutes. Students should attend twice weekly.

All sessions are supplemental to virtual and hybrid curriculum offered by the students district requirements. Students will be required to email syllabus from district they attend.

My complete bio is here:


Courses/Classes I Have Taught

  • Media Literacy (Harvard University Curriculum)

  • Grade 10 American Literature

  • Grade 12 British Literature

  • Film As Literature

  • AP Language

  • AP Literature

  • MCAS Prep Writing

  • Senior Project-Seminar


  • English Grades 7-12

  • Social Studies Grades 7-12

  • Elementary Grades K-8

  • Technology Integration Grades K-12