FAQ For 2020-2021 SEASON

The Jann Davis Company™ does hire individuals to teach in other areas. Grow with us!


Who Be Part Of This Format?

The Jann Davis Company believes dance is for everyone, affilliates must be 18 years of age and over and actively teaching dance.


Do These Events Offer Traditional Dance Subject Genre?

The games are based on the four domains of dance: turns, jumps, body alignment/flexibility training and choreographic performance value. There are specific workshops available in the fall of 2020 teacher-student, leveled technique based on the skill rubrics that include proper preparation and execution ballet-based, turn and jump fundamentals, SKILLS required combos, across the floor unique drills, and balance-core work. To teach these workshops Jann is hiring from within, those who attend the virtual seminar on May 17, 2020 and submit resume requirements which are discussed at the seminar .


What Are The Seminar Dates? All LIVE educator seminars  and student workshops for fall-winter-spring seminars are held on weekends September 2020-May 2021. All seminars are required to have at least 10 registered attendees before a date can be confirmed. Two attendees from each hosting facility are allowed COMPLIMENTARY to a host facility. 


Are You Hosting Outside Of New England?

Yes,SKILLS Dance-Sport Gamescan be held anywhere in the continental USA!


Can You Explain EXPECTATIONS For Dance™?

Schools and companies often have a list of expectations (goals) they wish employees and students to achieve for performance. EXPECTATIONS For Dance™ uses this concept and created specific rubrics for dance students in the four domains of dance used by dance subject genre: turns, jumps, body alignment-flexibility and performance. There are six levels to the rubrics and four clinic modules and can be adjusted for the student based on their ages and their hourly-weekly level of training. The rubrics can be adapted to specific subject genre and classes offered in a facility-program.


What Are SKILLS Sport-Dance Games?

SKILLS Sport-Dance Games™ are an alternative to studio dance competitions or a training module for progression within a facility. They are not “parlor” games but events where teams perform side by side and are evaluated based on our rubrics. There are three sections to each game and games can be held as an intramural for achievement or with another facility as a fundraiser. Specifics are given at a seminar.


What Are The Benefits To My Studio?

Studios that implement these programs see highly skilled faculty members who coordinate student improvement, less parental criticism, and an improved student retention-attraction for students in the elementary, intermediate, and middle school grades.