Host A SKILLS Sport-Dance Teacher Training Seminar

We are accepting seminar requests for seminars that begin the week of

September 6, 2020 in New England states only, ME, MA, RI, CT.

Beginning September 13, 2020 we will take requests for a seminar ANYWHERE USA


If you wish to host a SKILLS Sport-Dance Games Teacher Training Seminar, please compete the form below. Locations should be available within a 15-mile radius a major city in a state and accesible to Amtrak or a major airport. Call 781-742-3173 if interested in hosting, clinics can be held ANYWHERE USA.

All On-Site In-Person Studio Hosted Seminars Are Scheduled On Fridays Unless Hosting Facility Requests A Different Weekday. Call Us If You Wish A Different Weekday.


Facility Hosting Requirements

  • One-Two Large Dance Classrooms (Able to Accommodate Up To 25 Attendees) With One Blank Wall

  • Facility Parking Able To Park 10 Cars (Attendee Car Pooling Recommended)

  • Facility Must Be Air-Conditioned For Summer Month Seminars

  • Wi-Fi High Speed 

  • Agreeing To Recruiting Like-Minded Individuals To Attend Seminars

  • Facility Is Allowed 2 Complimentary Seats At Seminars

  • Hosting Facility Receives An Invitation To Become A SKILLS Sport-Dance Games Regional Director A Compensated Position

  • Hosting Facility May Apply To Become A Dance Studio Union State Director A Compensated Position

  • Hosting Facility Is Paid A Rental Fee For 10 Hours

Host Facility Benefits

  • Dance Studio Union™ State Director

  • SKILLS Sport-Dance Games™ Regional Director

  • Dancers Against Hunger™ Charity Fundraiser Affiliation

  • Dance Unity Project™ Online Seller Partner

  • Licensed Use Of Our Logos Personal And Online

Host Facility Responsibilities


Ms. Davis needs the following information from you in order to schedule a clinic or workshop.


Travel: By Train or Air


Lodging: Closest Marriott Hotel/Holiday Inn Owned Property


A minimum of 15 to a maximum of 35 attendees is required per seminar in order for one to be held. All host facilities should be within a 25 mile radius of a major airport or Amtrak location, if possible.


If facillity host cannot pick Ms. Davis up at an Amtrak Station or closest airport an UBER/Lyft service is used. 


Host facilities agree to recruit attendees. Each host facility is allowed 2 COMPLIMENTARY seats not included in an overall attendee for all seminars. 

Once a seminar is approved, SKILLS Sport-Dance Games™ will open the seminar to teachers to register. Please contact us is you do not see a date you would like to host. Seminars are available beginning September 6, 2020.

If you have questions about hosting and more requirements

please email DSBD