JANN DAVIS is a dance and public education consultant, assisting dance educators, facility owners, and enrichment program directors organize their dance classrooms, creating benchmarks, lesson plans, assessments, curriculum and classroom management strategies. Ms. Davis presents professional development clinics to dance educators throughout the USA who are searching for a new model, a 21st century approach to dance education at conventions and at private in-house workshops.


Ms. Davis was a public and private school educator for over 20 years, and began teaching online in 2001, English Language Arts. She provides for parents and high school graduating seniors a correction and tutorial College Essay Application service.


The Jann Davis Dance Center, with three locations in MA Canton, Easton, and Westwood, was one of the first competitive facilities in the Southeastern MA Tri-Town area with students receiving multiple overall high scores, grand champions, and title awards including America's Miss Dance. She has judged DMA Chapters Miss Dance and Performing Arts Competitions and Andy Yosinoff's Annual New England Cheer and Dance Competition. As a public educator, she was the choreographer for Bourne Middle School’s “Annie Junior” and at Mashpee High School, where she was an English Teacher-Technology Integration Specialist, Jann was the choreographer for Mashpee High School's “The Wizard of Oz” and the school's dance team coach. Ms. Davis created the DANCE MOVES program for Mashpee Recreation Department which she used as the dance teacher for the YBrand (Y.M.C.A.) at the East Bridgewater and Stoughton MA locations.


​Ms. Davis is an early dance competition owner, who created the ORIGINAL adjudicated concept of scoring studio dance competitions, each participant receives a medal based on their score, for her competition AMERICAN DANCE INVITATIONAL in 1977, now used globally by almost every studio dance competition.



Jann is known as a “digital pioneer”, she transitioned into public education in 1991, presenting professional development courses to public educators throughout the USA as an Intel Teach to the Future Senior Trainer via a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. She was selected out of 30,000 public educators to be one of 75 to receive a scholarship via the Harvard Kennedy School and the Joan Shorenstein Center to study, explore, and illuminate the intersection of media, politics and public policy both in theory and in practice. Jann continued to study at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, in the Technology, Innovation, and Education program, and taught online globally for Virtual High School. 


Ms. Davis is a graduate of Northeastern University (B.S./M.Ed), Smith College (MFA Dance Major), and Harvard University (Ed.M). As a public educator, she was certified in five fields, including dance, on the professional level via the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Jann was a member in good standing of the Dance Teacher's Club of Boston and Dance Master's of America Chapters #5 New England and Chapter #18, Connecticut serving as the chairperson for Educator Training, Performing Arts Competitions, Petite and Junior Miss Title Events, Executive Boards, and First Vice President of DMA #5 New England 1986-1988.


In 2016 Jann created EXPECTATIONS For Dance™ Assessment, Achievement, Adjudication System for Dance Education-, a leveled dance skill based approach that aligns to national educational frameworks for dance using specific rubrics in the four domains of dance. Jann developed SKILLS Sport-Dance Games®, a sports-like game played in three sections, offering an alternative or addition to studio dance competitions and in response to the changing demographics of interest in dance in the 21st century. SKILLS assists dance educators, public and private, to meet the goals of the Title IX of the Education Amendments Act for sports for women.

Addressing the Elephant In The Room

Ms. Davis is aware of the libelous link if one searches for her name. It has been online since 2014. The person named in the headline is the author, a 10th grade high school dropout. Ms. Davis is going to court in September 2020 to have it removed AGAIN. The Town of Canton Police Department in the reports Ms. Davis related to them has labeled it Defamation and Online Harassment. One cannot control, it appears the jealousy of others who post hate on the internet.