JDDC On Demand Classes FAQ

How does this work?

Many dance studios went to an online format for their classes when they were forced to close due to COVID. If you are reading this, I may have been your dance teacher. I transitioned into public education first as an English teacher, and then a technology integration specialist. I received questions from former students asking me to open again. The JDDC Dance-At-Home Video On Demand program was created as a model for studio dance and those interested in reconnecting with me.

Here is what a parent needs to do to participate in class:

1. Complete the registration form: https://www.janndavis.com/jddc-2021

2. I will contact you, confirming your child’s spot

3. An invoice from PayPal is sent to your email registration

4. A second email is sent September 29, 2020 reminding you of the first-class opening October 3, 2020

Each week you are sent the login information reminding you that a new episode is available. New episodes are added on Saturdays October 3, 2020 to November 14, 2020. All six episodes remain online until November 28, 2020.

Is my payment refundable?

No, unfortunately your payment of $59.00 is NOT refundable. I request that you do not share your login information with others, you are the one who paid for the subscription. I would LOVE it if you shared the information with others! The classes are not limited to residents of Canton, MA. Is Netflix limited to one town?

What does my payment include?

Your payment includes six weekly classes and downloads specific to each class including scavenger hunts, coloring pages, word searches, dance terminology, and applicable crafts, all completed online after and before the next class. Completion of these activities is optional.


What should my child wear for Petite Pirouette?

If your child attended a physical location of the Jann Davis Dance Center, a dance class uniform would be required. Links to purchase on Amazon are included on this page, again optional. It is recommended that your little dancer dress in comfortable clothing or in previous dance uniform you may own.

What will my preschooler learn?

Each class begins and ends with a FANCY NANCY story. The students then proceed to learn creative movement and preballet dance forms. Handouts and coloring pages are appropriate for children ages 3-5, or those who are in Preschool 1-2.

Is there a theme for this Petite Pirouette VOD unit?

The first theme is ALL FANCY NANCY, a list of books for each lesson is included in the parental emailed handout.


What should my child wear for Jazz Works 101?

This class is open to both girls and boys. It is recommended that children wear what they would if it were “gym day” in school.

What will my child learn for Jazz Works 101?

I was an early pioneer for dance competitions as many who were former JDDC students may remember. I created a new dance competition form called SKILLS Sport-Dance Games. The six classes for the first session are based on the SKILLS dance levels. The class includes a warm-up, learning the basics of traditional jazz dance, simple turns, and a short combination using a song from TROLLS WORLD TOUR.