Looking For A Safe Studio Dance Competition? Own Your Own

Updated: Jul 27

Join our email list, we won't spam you. Learn to create a COVID safe plan for your studio. Model can be used as an intramural within your own studio or with others YOU choose to compete with; NOT a studio dance competition, very affordable, This is NOT like the competition model in place. It is specific, an achievement challenge that you can incorporate into your current curriculum and facility lesson plans. Rules are different, scoring no one has, teaching model.

Create COVID Pods For

Studio Dance Competitions

SKILLS Sport-Dance Games™

Subscription Membership Pricing


One Facility/Multiple Locations

Total Cost: $2500

Five Individuals/Five Facilities

Group Pricing $500 Each Person/Facility

Total Cost: $2500

Ten Individuals/Five Facilities

Group Pricing $250 Each Person/Facility

Total Cost: $2500

Subscription Membership Includes

  • EXPECTATIONS For Dance™ Certification

  • Logo Licensing

  • Manuals For Owners/Teachers/Parent-Student

  • NEW Score System No Other Dance Event Has

  • Online Instructor-Adjudicator Training

  • Step And Repeat Banner/Backdrop

  • Unit Plans For Grades 2-8

And More

Once our membership interest list is our available LIMITED number of memberships, we will schedule an introductory webinar on Facebook.

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