In a time of COVID, keeping your students engaged in a traditional studio dance competition format may no longer appeal to your parents. Why not try something new? The creator of the ORIGINAL studio dance competition score system modified her newest endeavor SKILLS Sport Dance Games™.

The achievement event created specifically for social distancing, 

Looking For A Safe Studio Dance Competition Post COVID-19?

Why Not Own Your Own?

Meet SKILLS Sport-Dance Games

The Achievement Event Created Specifically For Social Distancing

$2500 Per Subscription Membership

New Score System

Adjudicator Certification

Instructor Certifications

Each state is limited to 50 Memberships

Which Includes the Pinnacle East 2-Day LIVE Conference

One Attendee Per Membership Subscription


Our business focuses on all studio dance programs: competitive, recreational-community-after school enrichment student, with programs designed to increase enrollment, engage current students, and deliver financial studio success. Our program is are COVID safe for all who choose to enter. SKILLS Dance will vet your info, prior to sending out the FAQ. Memberships are not charged or accepted until we meet our membership quota due to consistent plagiarism in the studio dance community since 1973.